Sporting Kansas City – Time to Panic?


Sporting Kansas City went win less for their 7th game in a row as they dropped three big points to their Western Conference neighbors Colorado Rapids.

Take a minute, breathe deep breaths, and listen carefully. The Major League Soccer season is a LONG season. Teams tend to go through a certain “skid” at least once during the season, and in the past few years, Kansas City would have those skids toward the end of the season in August thru October.

Is it safe to say that it’s a good thing that SKC is having this skid early into the season? Can we agree that there’s plenty of time to work out these kinks?  Or is it time to panic?

We are a little over one-third of the way into the season, so that is more than enough time to find what’s been missing in this squad. Is it the defense? The best offense is a good defense, correct?  It’s no secret that former Wizards defender, Peter Vermes, puts a ridiculous amount of emphasis on central defense. So why was Besler sidelined during the past match? Is it a message to the veterans of the team that it’s time to step up and get back to winning ways? They’ve got to stop giving up the easy goals.

On the other hand, is the offense in trouble as well? Dom Dwyer is quite the nimble lad, but he’s on an island! The opposing defenders close in on him and make it hard for him to get a shot off. Let’s not sell him short, because he DOES manage to get shots on target!  It’s just frustrating for him and for the viewers to see him canceled out for a good portion of the game.

Sporting Kansas City has never been one to slouch in the defensive third of the field, but yet they continue to get scored on. The games have not been crazy huge blowouts, because SKC tends to lose by one or two goals or draw with the opposing team. So it’s not like the defense is garbage.  The goals that they’ve conceded have been due to silly mistakes. A misstep here, a bad read there, a not-so-good pass over there. None of this is irreparable, but it’s certainly going to take some work! I, for one, didn’t mind the Besler/Coelho/Opara combo in the backfield when they played LA!  Maybe they experiment with that a little more?

It’s no secret that they need another guy up top though.  A guy to create chances and add some goals for the club. Someone to take the heat off of Dwyer and to create space for Dom to feel more free. The transfer window has come and gone until the summer. Will Sporting KC bring someone in during that window? Time will tell.

What does Sporting need to do to fix this skid? Is it a defensive issue? Lack of offensive production? A little of both? Let us know in the comments and follow myself and Reporting KC on Twitter!