FC Kansas City Lose Away To Boston Breakers

FC Kansas City traveled to Boston to take on the Boston Breakers in NWSL action.

Sunday nights 1-0 away defeat to the Boston Breakers means FC Kansas City are now bringing up the rear in the ten team NWSL having switched places with the Breakers in the standings. The two-time defending champion FC Kansas City Blues are now 0-4-2 on the season with expansion side Orlando Pride coming to Swope Park next Saturday. Each side will be without two of its player due to their inclusion in the United States Women’s National Team Roster.

The first half would be a back and forth game with neither team able to sustain possession. It would be FC Kansas City attacking the goal early and often with passes over the top and through the Boston Breakers defense. Shea Groom would have opportunities in the opening ten minutes of the match but was unable to convert each time.

The first opportunity would come just seven minutes into the match when a pass went over the head of the defense allowing her to receive the ball in the box, but two defenders quickly recovered and stole the ball preventing an opportunity for a shot on goal. Just two minutes later again Shea Groom would receive a pass this time on the ground splitting the defenders and allowing her to go one on one with the goalkeeper, but a whistle for offside would prevent the attack from continuing.

The lone goal of the game would come when Boston’s Kristie Mewis took a corner kick in the 18th minute that would sail over the top of the FC Kansas City defense to Whitney Engen, who headed it past Nicole Barnhart for the 1-0 lead.  The play appeared well defended as was the free kick Boston had earned just a couple of minutes before the corner kick. The difference being that on the corner kick Shea Groom and Yael Avebauch collided sending both players to the ground leaving Whitney Engen alone to put away the in swinger from Mewis.

Finding themselves a goal down on the road and desperate for a result FC Kansas City would continue to attack aggressively being called offside ten times. With the clock ticking down towards the end of the first half Shea Groom would again receive a pass from Heather O’Reilly that split the defenders but immediately drew double coverage, and FC Kansas would earn a corner kick that would not result in a quality goal scoring opportunity.

Moments later it would be Heather O’Reilly with a through ball sending Mandy Laddish towards the goal with the ball. The Breakers goalkeeper Libby Stout would come off her line and defender Kassey Kallman would help from the back as well, and Laddish feeling the pressure would take the shot early when it seemed she had time to take a couple more touches towards the goal then shoot.

FC Kansas City would end the first half with a corner kick goal that mimicked that of Boston’s but referee Christopher Spivey would blow the whistle for a foul in the box against the Blues and the game would remain 1-0 for the home side until the final whistle blew.


FC Kansas City: Barnhart, Bowen, Sauerbrunn, Taylor, Arlitt, Scott, Averbuch, Laddish, Silva, O’Reilly, Groom

Boston Breakers: Stout, Elby, King, Engen, Kallman, Pathman, Zebroni, Salem, Mewis, Schoepfer, Simon


FC Kansas City:

46′ Out Siva In McCarty

67′ Out Laddish In Newfield

78′ Out Averbuch In Tymrak

Boston Breakers:

56′ Out Zebroni In Schillgard

65′ Out Elby In Westphal

69′ Out Schoepfer In McCaffrey


Kansas City: 10

Boston: 14

Shots On Goal

Kansas City: 4

Boston: 5


Kansas City: 4

Boston: 4

Corner Kicks

Kansas City: 5

Boston: 4


Kansas City: 14

Boston: 7


Kansas City: 10

Boston: 0


Kansas City: 0

Boston: 90′ Engen


Christopher Spivey

Jennifer Garner

Michael Dee

Ryan Cook

Albert Cause