Casual Corner: Thoughts on Sporting KC v DC United

Some unique perspectives on the Sporting Kansas City versus DC United game from last night.

[Editor’s Note: My wife, Sheena, is forced to live with me in my soccer obsessed world. I thought her perspective may be unique and of interest to some of our readers. It’s not always deep analysis, but she looks at things I know I wouldn’t otherwise be thinking about.]

Let’s start this by stating the obvious; this season is becoming depressing to watch for fans of Sporting KC. Coming into today’s game, I felt optimistic because I knew DC United was a worse team and had flown into Kansas City that day so they may be tired.

Tonight I’ll be reviewing my thoughts on the players as well as the game.

My husband showed me the starting line-up before the game, and I know we are down a few players, but I disagreed with some of the decisions Peter Vermes made, like starting Jacob Peterson.

Don’t get me wrong; I know he had that incredible game a few weeks ago, but he’s not done anything since (or before) and I feel like Connor Hallisey should have started or let Peterson start and replace him with Diego Rubio. Keeping him in the entire game was a bad decision because he isn’t aggressive enough. I feel sorry for Jacob Peterson because I feel like there is a lot of pressure on him because he had one fantastic game and he can’t deliver again.

We needed Diego Rubio out there tonight, and I don’t understand why he’s always on the bench? If Davis, Zusi, Dwyer, and Peterson can’t score, why not bring in some new energy?

I was excited to see Jordi Quintilla back in blue for Sporting. I adore Jordi (have you seen him with his new dog, so cute), and I wish he played with the same drive and excitement as last year. Last season we referred to him as “Little Benny” and both Jordi and Benny are in a slump where I don’t feel they are playing to their potential.  I would have preferred Jordi to stay in the whole game and taken Saad Abdul-Salaam out at halftime [Editors Note: Generally midfielders don’t replace fullbacks, but what do I know].

I’m not sure what your thoughts are on Kevin Ellis, but he makes me nervous every time the ball is near him, thankfully tonight he played an almost perfect game and made stops and plays when needed. I hope this is the new and improve Kevin Ellis.

May 27, 2016; Kansas City, KS, USA; Sporting Kansas City forward Dom Dwyer (14) reacts to a call against the D.C. United at Children

Lawrence Olum made me nervous tonight since he had a few bad plays during the game. Needless to say, I’m ready for Nuno and Espinoza to come back.

Jimmy Medranda might be my favorite player currently. He is talented and tonight was no exception. While he wasn’t as active as he’s been in past games, he made plays when needed and a few times passed the ball to himself which is pretty impressive. He can’t carry the team on his shoulders, but I feel his passion for the game and hope he has more opportunity because he seems to have the most intensity on the field right now.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Tim Melia, and while some of the goals scored on him aren’t his fault, I feel like he could potentially be benched soon. I don’t know if you bring Jon Kempin in from Swope Park or let Alec Kann take over for a few games, but the dynamic on the team needs to change and maybe it needs to be with the goalie?

Some other observations from the game:

  • The original goal by Acosta on DC United was called back, but it was the slowest goal I’ve ever seen.
  • Dom Dwyer. I don’t know what to think about him but can he have a game where he isn’t offside?
  • Also, why was Jacob Peterson allowed to get punched in the face and the guy not get ejected from the game?
  • I also liked the DC United jersey and socks.
  • Best hair of the game was a toss-up for me between Paulo Nagamura and Quintilla. My husband didn’t care for Jordi’s new style, but I am digging it. Although, this goes back to my original thought on Jordi where I adore him and I don’t think he can do much wrong in my eyes.

My hope is the season picks up and the team as a whole can overcome this slump otherwise it is going to be a REALLY long season.